A Delicious Obsession Reviews the EverBlade

There has been several times I would go to use my razor and find that it’s rusted. I am definitely not using a razor that’s rusted so it gets thrown in the trash and I have to use a new one. My razor could be sitting just a few days and it would start to rust. If you shave, you know that it’s a task you have to keep up with. Because of this, I go through razors like crazy. Well, that’s until I found out about EverBlade.

Ever since I found out aboutEverBlade I have been using it to keep my razor from getting rusted. My razor has lasted so much longer since I have been using this; in fact, I haven’t had to throw it out since I have started using it, which was almost 3 weeks ago.
This helps saves us a lot of money because we don’t have to keep buying razors. I’m pretty picky with my razors and I really don’t like buying disposables, even though they are the cheapest. I like buying razors that come with extra blades; they are easier to hold and seem to work better. Either way, disposable or not, the EverBlade keeps my razor from getting rusted.
The EverBlade doesn’t take any batteries or use any electricity. All you do it set it on your counter top and when you’re finished shaving, pat your razor dry, and place it on the EverBlade. Just to be sure to let it sit at least 24 hours between uses. If you follow the directions, your razor could hold up 4-8 times longer!
The other great thing about the EverBlade is that it can keep your razor from getting dirty. No more leaving the razors on the counter top, in the shower, or in the closet. Just be sure to keep everything away from the EverBlade (don’t shave over it!) and you’ll have better chances of keeping your razor clean.
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