About Us

How the EverBlade came to be

My name is Chris Wilson.  My father and I are the owners of the EverBlade, and I’m about to tell you how this unusual product became our hobby and then our business.

Full disclosure: I don’t have a PhD, I’m not a scientist or engineer, I don’t have a secret lab, I don’t work for NASA and I’m not in the razor blade business (until recently, that is).

I’m a normal guy from the Midwest who landed in the Big Apple over ten years ago.  I have a job, a family, a love for finding out how things work and for exploring all types of things, new and old.  For example, in the past few years I’ve done a range of new things – from learning how to sail an old sailboat, picking up a favorite hobby of pottery/ceramics, turning a $14 pork tenderloin into dinner for six, to figuring out that my path to sanity lies in commuting to work via NYC bus rather than sardine-can sweaty subway Monday through Friday.

Among my recent explorations was the quest to determine whether it was possible to keep a disposable razor blade usably sharp longer than my standard 3-5 days.  Over the years since first learning to shave, I’ve come across lots of theories about how to keep razor blades sharp, and maybe you did too.  Things like rubbing your razor on a pair of jeans, blow drying them after use, dipping them in some kind of oil, storing unused razors in the freezer, putting them inside a pyramid, placing them on a magnet or special stone, and the list goes on.

Frustrated with the increasing price of replacement cartridges I decided to test these “urban legends.”  And believe it or not, I found that many of these techniques actually do extend the life of a regular disposable razor blade – each with varying success, of course.  Email me and I’ll share my trial-and-error results, but for the most part these techniques are impractical in the day-to-day bathroom routine.  Pretty cool stuff nonetheless, and you would think someone out there would apply these known methods to an innovation that would make such razor-saving techniques practical.  I mean who want to stand around for ten minutes blow drying their razor blade in the morning?

Ever determined, I looked it up.  And guess what?  There HAD actually been a handful of shaving products that incorporated these techniques.  Unfortunately, the products ultimately didn’t work as marketed, weren’t made properly, weren’t practical, required more effort to keep the razor sharp than it was worth, or people didn’t actually care about keeping their razors sharp because they were cheap.

Maybe the main reason these products failed was that up until now, the low cost of razor blades didn’t warrant their extended life spans.  Seriously.  This gets back to the whole reason I started testing the urban legends.  Some blades now cost upwards of $4.00 EACH!  In my opinion that’s worth finding a way to make that blade last longer – but only if it is practical and doesn’t come with a whole new set of problems (e.g., adding more cost, using more resources and time to my morning routine).

My father is just as curious about the world and focused on solutions as I am.  Together we found a solution.

Remember Occam’s Razor?  That’s when the simplest solution or explanation is most likely the correct one, right?  Well, that was ultimately our conclusion.  We combined the best of what I had learned in testing those shaving urban legends with what we knew about previous life-extending razor products.  We refined it all down to its most basic and essential characteristics and what remained were the workings of today’s EverBlade.

The EverBlade is simply a razor stand designed using non-moving internal parts with a mild energy field just strong enough to repel microscopic debris from the thin edge of a razor – thereby leaving the blade sharper longer.  It’s that simple.  You do nothing except leave your razor on the stand when you finish shaving every day.

If you think this sounds too simple, I understand – you’ve never heard of anything like this actually working before, there are a lot of useless gadgets out there – and I don’t blame you.  So, for what is worth, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, and we actually stand behind it.  What I mean by that is, if you don’t like it for any reason just send it back and we’ll issue a refund – no silly questions.

I hope you will give it a try though.  It’s a great feeling to wake up expecting to have to through your razor away and get a new one, only to find it sitting there just fine.  And then the next day – it’s the same thing…just fine…before too long you’ll forget when you started with that blade.

On a personal note, before this exploration that turned into a business, I never used to enjoy shaving at all.  I was frustrated by the amount of time it took and the annoying red spots on my neck and the unpleasant feeling of the blade on my skin.  So at some point I just switched to an electric razor because it “got the job done.”  It was anything but a pleasure, and eventually the thing broke and I decided to come back to wet shaving.  I didn’t like the return for many reasons, so I started searching for better ways to shave and ways to keep a razor blade sharp (see above).  Along the way I came across some amazing techniques and products – you’ll find them on this site and blog.  And needless to say, I absolutely love to shave now.

I used to look forward to the days that I didn’t have to shave, and now I’m disappointed if for some reason I don’t get to.

Happy Shaving
Chris Wilson