The Different Furniture Removal Options

If you are someone who has searched and contacted several moving companies, then you would have understood that each company provides an entirely different set of services. Their basic service might remain the same –which is moving the heavy furniture from one place to another for you. But along with it, they would also offer several services or make a few tweaks in their services to help them stand out from the rest. Here we Weill take a look at some of the most common types of furniture removal service options by several moving companies. Zak Umzug is one such service provider who provides their own distinctive furniture removal services.

Zak UmzugThe different kinds or types of furniture removal services include:

  • Courier to door-to-door furniture removal service –in this kind or type of furniture removal service, the moving company loads the furniture into their vehicle (truck or van) once they are made ready at the doorstep of your home and then transport it to the new location you have specified.
  • Part load furniture removal service – in this kind or type of furniture removal service, a moving company combines and loads the furniture packages of multiple number of their clients into one shipment.
  • Room to room furniture removal service – in this type or kind of furniture removal service provided by a moving company, the mover packs up all your belongings (the furniture), loads them and transports them on their vehicle (truck or van) and also unloads them at the new location that which you have specified. In this type of furniture removal service, the moving company provides one the complete assistance – starting right from packing.
  • Rental services –in this kind or type of service provided, the client who hires the service of a moving company will be provided with the vehicle (which is the truck or van, as required) along with a few movers. This type of furniture removal service will cost you some additional amounts since you will have to buy all the necessary packing materials to properly pack the furniture.

Zak Umzug is one such moving company that provides furniture removal services. To know more about their services and rates, search Google for the company and get in touch with them if they have the right services that you seek, then proceed over to hire them.