Dan Takes The EverBlade Challenge


Dan decided to take the EverBlade challenge and put the EverBlade to the test.  Below is his review of the EverBlade:

OK, OK, it’s not my usual post. But, it is hardware and it was FREE. Tony over at Blog Catalog sent me an EverBlade to review, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to receive when the package showed up in the mail and I’ll have to admit I was a little surprised.

The EverBlade claims to “Make Your Razor Blade Last 4 Times Longer” by protecting against Rust & Corrosion that dull your blades. That’s kind of a tall claim for this As Seen on TV product but what the heck I’ll see what it can do.

I made a trip over to the dollar store and picked up a couple of items for the test, a twin pack of Old Spice Titanium Twin razors, and a can of Barbasol shaving cream. I normally use an electric razor so I needed to get these fresh new items for the test.

My test will be simple. Shave half of my face with a blade that is placed in the EverBlade, and the other half with the blade I do nothing to. I will make notes as to whether or not I can tell the difference. If after 30 days I can’t tell a difference I may continue the test until I feel some sort of change.

I will be posting the results in August and will fill everyone in at that time.

9/15/11 – I tossed the non-EverBlade razor today, it was getting painful to use. The razor that sits in the EverBlade is still comfortable to use. I will update when I finally toss that one. So far I would have to say that the EverBlade works.

10/1/11- I replaced the crappy test razor I was using in the Everblade today. Not because the razor was getting bad to use, I wanted to us the Everbalde with a nicer razor.

My final word on the Everblade is that it does work, it probably won’t save you a million dollars, but it’s nice to have a sharp razor when I want to use one. I think that’s the real value of the Everblade. I like it and give it a thumbs up!

Thanks Dan for your detailed report on the EverBlade.  Happy Shaving to you!  What will you do with the money you are saving using the EverBlade?

Buy nicer razors?  Try a new more expensive shaving cream?  Buy a round for your friends?  Let us know!

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