Why Popular Music is Mass-Loved 

Grasping inspiration from a youth’s influence of music, bands are a group of people gathered to perform music in a strategic venue and/or public event.  It is difficult to discuss this subject without a reference to its academic discussion, therefore something of an alternative music blog will serve as a platform for facts and discussions. Let us ask a consensus question:

How Did Music Become Popular?

Several sources reveal the layers of popular music and nothing like Andy Bennett is his published Cultures of Popular Music in 2001 could one explain it better. The genre of music that attracts masses of people come to light because of the shifts in society and change. In this case, popular music functions on a level that attracts people to it because of what it represents and lifestyle.

The hypothetical thought goes that music has existed the same time man has been and that popular music has gone through different genres. Bennett starts at a post-war era with escapism as a way of living. Youth gangs have been tolerated and growing young people have looked up to music as a way of expressing style. Prior to the Second World War, the youth has soon become a target for consumerism. The economy wanted to pick up and trade started to look for young customers to sell their goods too. According to the alternative music blog, the rise of modern technology came and reached out to mass production and to the working classes.

Becoming Pop

After that, a whole market of people has begun to buy these appliances as accessories for the home. Media, in the form of television and radio, promotes leisure after a long time of tension. Financial independent has made children as young as teenagers to have, in their possession, records and transistor radios. A plethora of musical influence came after: The Beatles, Little Richard, Elvis and independent homegrown talents. While Bennett talks about how music simultaneously permeates how people listen, other articles gives us a glimpse. Google Music explains how, for a time period, had been the music of choice. Sailing through the veins were country and folk song. It can be categorically said that Pop Music—literally Popular Music—are these genres. Come the 1970s, the genre of pop turned into a musical style that is a fusion of rock, catchy tunes and progressive developments in sound.

Pop Music and Emotions

A concept of pop music that makes it so is its hook. Have you ever heard a catchy tune and it makes you want to sing a song again and again? Its technical definition is a musical idea, passage or phrase that stands out and can easily be sung. The alternative music blog can dig many examples but an obvious one would be ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ with a chord progression that leads to the chorus. In recent years, pop music has had different variations and the common style, with their fast rhythms, is to make upbeat and happy tunes. Recently, there is a mix of disco and dance music to the extreme of lethargic chords as Someone Like You. With these changes going about, it is not too long before we can already predict the next pop tune coming into our lives.