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People who enjoy eating a freshly sliced cheese, the one that is cut from a block, they probably have some kind of cheese slicer in their kitchen cartularies. While other people are using knives to slice some hard varieties of cheese efficiently, it can be much better if you choose cheese slicer to get the ideal cheese portions each time.

Since there are various cheese slicers in the market, some can work perfectly for personal cooking and use, while some functional and pretty enough for the entertainment needs. The cocktail party can never be complete without the cheese platter and there can never be a complete cheese platter without the cheese slicer. Read this guide and learn much and more about cheese slicers.

eatrboxCheese Slicer’s History

The first cheese slicer was designed by Norwegian carpenter identified as Thor Bjorklund back in the year 1925. His wife delivered to him cheese chunk at his workshop for lunch on a single day. It happens that the inventive carpenter needed a small sliced cheese. Due to this experience, he invented the first cheese slicer on earth.

Since then, numerous varieties of cheese slicers have been introduced under the design of Bjorklund, enabling every cook to have a perfect slicer to meet their requirements. Although they are common in some European nations, bread sliced cheese is popular fare, most styles have increased in momentum in United State and other different parts of the world.

Cheese Slicers of different designs

Cheese slicers consist of different designs, comprising the ones that are mainly for a functional reason as written by Kimberly Baxter. These include most hand-held designs and can run a gamut in price and quality. When you are slicing many slices of cheese to add to your cooking and recipe, it is advisable to get a functional and quality design that can last through plenty and many times of use.

Furthermore, if the main reason for your cheese slicer is basically for fun, there are multiples styles in the market that are functional and beautiful as we. Some types of these techniques are designed from a high-quality marble or wood, while some come on a built-in tray to hold slices or crackers of bread.


A wonderful gift for a special person in your life can also be designed from these tremendous cheese slicers. You can prepare a delicious French package of cheese and complement it with a bottle of wine. Your recipient has beginning supplies for a beautiful cocktail combination.