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The main ingredient in Carb-Ease Plus is kidney beans extract and its scientific name is Phaseolus vulgaris. The plant originates from South and Central America, including Mexico.  It comes in various colors, including white and red. It can also come with stripes or spots, depending on the variety.  The benefits of kidney beans are numerous and some of them will be discussed in this write-up. Aside from the benefits, we will equally make mention of certain facts you need to know about kidney beans.

Features of the kidney bean

The bean is smooth and plump in appearance and it is about 1 cm long.  The traditional kidney shape and tough seed coat set the seed apart.  The bean has a mild earthy taste and also has a nutty undertone.  One of the unique features that make this product unique is the high amount of calories you can get from it.  The kidney bean has a total calorie is 249 Kcal per cup.  Many products are rich in kidney bean extract and one of them is carb ease plus. You can check carb ease plus reviews online to learn about the benefits of this product.

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Carb ease plus natural constituents

As hinted, some of the constituents of this unique natural product are:

  • 93% of isoleucine
  • 62% of Tryptophan
  • 48% of Manganese
  • 11% of Copper
  • 75% of Iron

Some of the benefits

All the benefits of kidney beans can be found in carb ease plus. You can check below for some of those benefits:

  • It is involved in blood sugar control
  • It can also help you to lose weight
  • The product can improve blood circulation
  • It can also aid digestion and treat constipation
  • It is equally reliable for fighting against cancer
  • It is one of the most reliable cures for Crohn’s disease
  • It can improve the function of the heart and also prolong its lifespan
  • It is a reliable energy booster and can also maintain acquired energy
  • It can improve your memory and also strengthen your mental health
  • Carb ease plus is a reliable detoxifier of sulfites.
  • It can equally keep your skin free of wrinkles.


As described in the carb ease plus reviews above, the product is derived from a natural source. Be that as it may, you must not use more than the recommended dose of the product. Using more than the recommended dose may expose you to unwanted side effects; though, the side effects are also mild and are not life-threatening.