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Patios, Backyards, Residential decks, Gazebos are essential part of outdoor living. We tend to spend more time outdoor with friends and family than anywhere in the house.  Be it after work or a family get together, all we want is to relax and enjoy in a place that is exceptionally comfortable, stylish and classy. If you want to hold up a small gathering at home or any recreational activity, all you need is a beautiful done up outdoor space. So, here are some makeover flooring insights while you plan to buy carpet –

There are plenty of options available in the market however; it is your personal preference to make your space look timeless and comfortable.

  1. Wooden flooring: It boosts your senses through its rustic old world charm and gives you a luxurious feel.  However, traditional wooden planks may not be suitable if one wants to enjoy some drops of rain too. To offset that, composite decking would be preferred choice. They look realistic and gives you the best of both worlds.
  1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles: They are resilient and stylish. They look like real stone and make the outdoor space a perfect place for entertainment. Being stain and chemical resistant, they are low on maintenance and can easily be cleaned with a mild detergent.
  1. Concrete Pavers: Concrete Paver designs offer you the comfort of concrete plus foliage. It is more durable and makes the outdoor look more outlandish. One has the liberty to create a style keeping in mind the natural beauty and easy access.
  1. Stone patio: Break the monotony and enjoy your morning cup of tea in a free form design. Nothing beats the feel of natural stone for a patio with a sense of harmony with nature. Enjoy the beauty of a manicured lawn without any additional maintenance.
  1. Brick Architecture: It is an all-time favourite and the style will never wane. Grace of brick architecture takes you back in time making it a desirable option. Bricks can be creatively patterned into beautiful design to give an exceptional look to your patio.
  1. Artificial Grass: Give your eyes the feel of natural flawlessly groomed grass without any hassle of maintaining real grass along with great value for money.  It is no longer the spiky turf it used to be and is more realistic and delightfully tender. It is the most sought after selection now a day. You may buy carpet to start off.
  2. Ipe decking: Want to give a beautiful royal touch to your residential decks and backyard gazebos than Ipe decking is the proven best solution. It is eco-friendly and stays cool during warm weather. Due to the durability of Ipe hardwood, lot of homeowners are relying on this material now.
  3. Rubber pavers: Versatility and safety makes them ideal for outdoor activities. Being slip resistance, they are great for kids play and can be placed anywhere. They are pretty affordable and easy to maintain.
  1. Concrete: This flooring is one of the most popular flooring available in numerous designs. This flooring is maintenance free, lasts longer and easily affordable. If you are looking for excellent quality and value for money, this is the ultimate answer.
  1. Foam tiles: Make your space safe and ideal for kids and workout/ yoga sessions by installing foam tiles. It offers the seamless base and the interlocking pieces are easy to assemble and can be easily taken off when required.
  1. Laminate: The modern technology waterproof laminate floors are ideal for residential decks and patios. It offers the convenience of laminate with the benefits of vinyl.