London House Extensions Ideas

double storey extension

If a family is thinking to move to some other larger house due to space shortage, then it would be more cost-effective solution to think about extending their present house. Here we will discuss some house extensions ideas for properties situated in London. Few parameters for London home extension ideas are as follows.

The choicebetdouble storey extensionween Modern or Traditional Style:

In the modern style of house extensions, there are large areas covered with glass, and less emphasis is given to decorations and details. The beauty of craftsmanship and material is used in this type of houses.

While traditional style house extensions consist,glazed areas divided into smaller panes of glasses. These are decorated by paneling, skirting and architraves.

The choice between In Keeping or Contrasting:

The house extensions may be building in keeping with the existing building, and in London, it is done by choosing from a palette of bricks, stucco, slate, render or painted timber.

In London, contrasting materials are other than mentioned in keeping the style. These may comprise of concrete, zinc, copper, unpainted timber, rammed earth or thatch.

The choice between Victorian or Georgian Style:

In Georgian style of extension houses, there are living spaces over the lower ground and raised ground floor. The lower ground floor is usually directly connected to the gardens while upper ground floor consists of better ceiling height and decorative features.

In the Victorian style of houses, there is usually an original rear extension that would have housed service areas. These extensions are short in width and lesser in the storey as compared to the main building. In Victorian houses, main living spaces are over the ground floor only and the kitchenis built in a rear extension at this level, and it is directly connected to the garden. In these houses, there is a side return extension to use the side area.

Use Of Glass In Extensions:

While extending your house glass is a very useful material, because it ensures that new rooms are filled with a proper amount of light. In addition to this glass may also be used to maintain or improve the light level in the existing building. However, glass quality and its use should be properly managed so that rooms should not become overheated in summer and under warm in winter. Environment experts and architects will help in deciding this aspect.

Renovating the house also upgrades the environmental conditions, and it may be achieved by using insulations, glazing and more heat efficient systems. It also reduces the running cost of the house.