How to Shave

Do you think you already know everything there is to know about shaving? Surprisingly, the majority of men these days admit that they were never taught how to shave. Are you one of those guys? Think about it for a minute – who taught you how to shave? If you’re like most guys, you grabbed a razor and shaving can and went at it all on your own and probably never thought twice about it – except for the fact that shaving is a terrible chore.

What follows are some shaving tips and techniques that might just change the way you think and feel about shaving – you may actually start to love to shave (yes, I used the “L” word).

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The following are the recommended shaving steps and tips for using the EverBlade Shaving products. These same steps can easily be used with most other lines shaving products as well.

1.It’s important to know which direction along your face your individual hairs grow. To figure this out, when you have a small amount of beard growth, run your fingertips over all the hairs in all directions. As you may know, when you feel resistance or sharpness you are going against the grain, and when it feels relatively smooth, you are going with the grain. Since everyone’s hair grows in differently, there is no way I can predict your potential problem areas, so pay special attention to areas that frequently bother you or become irritated while shaving. You might be going against the grain (ouch) in a small area and not even know it.

2.Make sure that your pores are relaxed, open and clean. The best way to ensure this is beginning to shave after a warm shower. If you cannot shave after the shower, wash your face with soap and rinse with warm water and/or press your face with a warm, damp towel for several minutes.

3.Next, soften your beard with EverBlade Pre Shave Gel. Generously message a dime-sized amount into your beard and over your entire face. Allow it to soak in and moisturize your skin for a couple of minutes (put on your deodorant or trim your nails in the meantime).

4.Soak your brush in hot water, flick out any excess water and apply a dime-sized amount of EverBlade Shave Lather to your brush. Then use a gentle circular upward motion over your beard to create a nice rich lather – add more hot water as necessary. As you shave, it is best to use hot water, as this will help keep your pores open and the hairs soft. You may also use a shaving mug or bowl to get a thick, rich lather.

5.A key component in a comfortable shave is having a nice sharp blade. Old and blunt blades tend to drag across the skin, making for a very unpleasant experience as well as risking cuts and scratches. Having a sharp blade also allows you to apply the proper pressure while shaving. Often, one will try to compensate for the dull blade by applying more pressure, causing skin burns and unnecessary irritation. Replacing your razor stand with the EverBlade will fend off the problems associated with a dull blade far longer.

6.Begin shaving. For better control of your blade, a heavy handle is recommended. In addition, short gentle strokes while you are shaving will also help you control the blade and will give you a cleaner shave. Remember this shaving guidance:

  1. Shave with the grain of the hair (as determined in step 1)
  2. Apply the shaving lather with your brush (step 4)
  3. Reapply the shave lather for your second pass (same as step 4)

7.When you are finished shaving, rinse all shave lather residue from your face, then rinse your face again with cool water to help close your pores.

8.Apply a dime-sized amount of EverBlade After Shave Moisturizer and message it generously over your entire face until absorbed.

If you use these products, tips and techniques, you will likely notice a difference in your shave right away. However, a key component of a great shave is properly moisturized skin. Depending on your skin type, it may take 2 to 3 weeks of consistently using the products for you to realize their full moisturizing effects.

Be sure to use only the recommended amount of Pre Shave, Shave Lather and After Shave. A dime-sized amount of each will go a long way and should be plenty. You may have to use a little less or a little more depending on the natural oils in your skin.

Also, keep in mind that one size does not fit all when it comes to shaving products. You may need to try several different products to find the perfect one or two that suit your needs.

Happy Shaving!