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I just passed 9000 subscribers on YouTube, so the countdown begins towards the 10,000 milestone.  Socialblade predicts that will be around September so I have some time to think about what to for a milestone celebration.  Ideas?  A contest like I did for 5000 subscribers?  A big, massive give-away?  Mini give-away’s as the number gets closer?  Suggestions welcome!




I like the idea of mini give-away’s as the number gets closer maybe on the 100’s ie 9100, 9200, 9300 etc and then a massive give-away.  It would cool if you put together your most favorite shaving products in a kit…I’m sure the companies would be happy to help out.


Can you keep track of the number of people who refer people to you?  Maybe a seperate contest to see who can get the most people to subscribe.


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