How to choose the shipping company for your online store?

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When you think about your ideal online store, most of the time you first imagine how it should be aesthetical, how it will look, what style it will have, how to best show the products, how to make them attractive, how to offer the best possible “user experience” . Later we thought about how to achieve the highest visibility on the Internet and social networks to attract quality traffic. But the user experience is not just the online store itself. Keep in mind that from the moment the user arrives at your store, choose the product you like the most and place the order, the experience continues even in the shipping process. Keeping delivery times, the best possible presentation and accompanied with a smile.


It is essential to have a competitive price because as I said before, a high shipping cost can mean that nobody buys you. But on the other hand, pointing to the cheapest courier price can mean a double-edged sword, since if they do not deliver within the timeframes or the product does not arrive in conditions, it will be bad user experience.

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To give you an idea, กางเกงยีนส์ wrangler I have a friend who has an online store where he sells coffee. The price of 250g of freshly roasted and high-quality coffee costs € 8.  A price that seems reasonable to me. However, the shipping price rises to € 5, which means that a product that has the best price locally is ruined by its shipping policy. Perhaps a solution for your store would be to offer a free shipping price from a minimum purchase order that compensates the shipping cost


It depends a lot on who you are and where your potential customers are. If you only deliver to your city, you will not have major problems, as in the case of a fresh produce store. But as you require more coverage (domestic or foreign shipments) you will need a company that guarantees presence in the destinations through branches and an agile delivery logistics.

To start with, the shipping company should have national coverage, offer a single price and, if necessary, have agreements with other shipping agencies internationally in case an order arrives outside the country.

Also, many of these companies already have their own system of shipping, shipping tracking, and integrated logistics well controlled. Depending on the project you have, they will already offer you the most appropriate integration technology solution.