Will EverBlade Really Keep Your Blade Sharp?

The following review is from Neil.  Thanks Neil for your in depth review and pictures!


Starting your day off with a razor that tugs on your hair in the morning is no fun. So why do you keep using that razor or blade? Probably because, like most, you don’t want to switch to that fresh cartridge yet because you want to get every cent out of your current cartridge, even if it causes you discomfort.

Cartridges for razors, like the new Gillette Fusion Proglide, cost over $3 each. If you change your cartridge every week, that’s over $150 in expenses every year. If you use a disposable razor, you’re probably tossing that out every couple days for that smooth shave.
There isn’t much of an alternative to cheaper blades, so why not make them last longer?EverBlade claims to do so. No power required, no sharpening, no need to even replace the EverBlade – it’s a one-time purchase to lengthen the life of your blades. But does it? And how?As a college student, I couldn’t keep spending so much money on replacement cartridges, so I took the plunge and bought the EverBlade.  After almost a year of use, here’s my review, with a few pictures to prove that I actually used it. And to prove that I’m an actual user and not some paid reviewer.

First and foremost, if you’re expecting a miracle blade saver, this isn’t it. You’re not going to get that fresh, brand new cartridge smooth shave every time. But you will get a blade that does last significantly longer. EverBlade claims to lengthen the life of your blade 4-8 times. Probably true if you want the most uncomfortable shave as the blade approaches the end of it’s life.However, EverBlade WILL allow you to toss your cartridge or disposable razor later than you normally would. Based on my experience, my Gillette Fusion Proglide cartridges, which normally lasted about one week, would last about 4 weeks. My disposable razor also quadrupled its life, from about half a week to 2 weeks.

EverBlade makes a few claims on how their “patent pending technology” works. In my opinion, it’s the combination of 3 elements: the actual EverBlade stand, drying your razor after each use, and placebo.
The EverBlade stand has a copper plate that demagnetizes your cartridges so that particles will not be attracted to it, preventing the cartridge from dulling. I have noticed a particle build-up on my copper plate, so maybe it even attracts whatever is on the blade.
They instruct you to dry your cartridge before you put it on the EverBlade stand – I think this actually makes a huge difference – not the stand, but the drying part. I never dried my razor after I used it, but if you think about it, water corrodes metal and causes it to dull or even rust (think of keeping your bike out in the rain).

Lastly, placebo. Your brain is powerful. Powerful enough to make you think that your blade “feels” sharper even if it’s as dull as it used to be.

The only negative thing with EverBlade is that you need to keep your razor on it all the time (except when you’re using it). That makes it difficult for traveling. I normally rubber-band my razor to the EverBlade stand – once your blade is dull, it’s dull. This won’t fix your old worn out cartridges. It will keep your new ones feeling new (a bit longer).
Overall, EverBlade does work, and claims to work on any type of razor (I tested it with my Gillette Fusion Proglide and Bic sensitive disposable razor – both fit fine on the stand).  I would recommend it to people to save some money. It pays for itself in less than a month. At worse, you have yourself a universal razor stand (that even mounts to the wall with the provided double-sided tape).
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